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Hundred and One Antiques specializes in arms and armour, particularly antique swords, Islamic Oriental and European antiques and antiquities. Including antique Islamic swords, daggers, ceramics and bronzes, antique Chinese swords, porcelain, and bronzes. Roman, Greek, Egyptian, and Asian antiquities. We also have a selection of pre-Columbian and Tribal Art.

Our business is based on a long family tradition of collecting fine European and Oriental antiques and art, with a particular interest in antique arms and armour, particularly antique swords. We have been involved in antique trading since 1970. In 1983 we opened our doors to the public. For many years, our gallery was located in the world famous Art and Antiques district on Yorkville Ave., in Toronto, Canada.

Entering the new millennium with advanced technology, we decided to open an online shop. Our goal was and still is to provide our customers with high quality antique unique objects. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards based on our core values: honesty and responsibility.

For decades, we have provided our service of expertise to museums, insurance companies, auction houses, and collectors.

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Three Generations of Collectors

Collecting fine European and Oriental antiques, arms, armor, and art is a long tradition in our Family. It was started by my grandfather, a successful businessman in....MORE


Our library includes hundreds of books, and references, from around the world, on subjects as Islamic, Oriental, European, Pre-Columbia, and Tribal Antiques and Art, with a large selection on Antique Arms and Armour.
For decades, we have provided our service of expertise to museums, insurance companies, auction houses, and collectors.




We offer Free Shipping across Canada, and thanks to our long-term partnerships with Canada Post and DHL, our USA and International customers will receive discount shipping rates at the check-out.


All items are guaranteed to be authentic antiques, and not reproductions.
All our artifacts are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. 


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